Wie heeft baat bij mijn mentor-traject?

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Every professional who is looking for a sparring partner in order to do their job optimally. It is important that the participant is willing to learn and to question himself and his way of doing things in order to arrive at his best practices.

Voornamelijk executives, managers, vrije beroepers, KMO-bedrijfsleiders en uiteraard ook coaches vormen de belangrijkste doelgroep. 

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Anyone looking for training that gives quick tips and tricks. Anyone who does not believe in their own abilities and growth potential. 

Wat does mentoring mean?

Mentoring is somewhere between coaching, advising and training. In addition to asking coaching questions, the mentor also provides input. There is a real exchange of ideas regarding the topics the participant brings in. So a mentor can also be seen as an external sounding board that is willing to throw his somewhat more technical expertise into the scales as well. </span

Topics that are covered very regularly include: personal career planning, strategic decision support, optimizing leadership styles, refining overall communication skills...</span

In essence, a mentor is a fully present sparring partner in this hectic world.

Where does it take place?

At the mentor's office or in the participant's working environment.

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How do we proceed?

A mentor trajectory is structured like a coaching trajectory: an introductory meeting, the agreed
trajectory and an evaluation moment. Other more intensive and long-term trajectories can always be mutually agreed upon after a warm-up period.

We live in a world of busy diaries and crammed schedules. The advantage is that during the process, we look for the formula that suits us both best.

More information about mentoring?