Who do I coach?

Yes to

Anyone who wants to feel and reflect in order to become a better version of themselves.

No to

Anyone who hopes

  • for a quick fix
  • that the coach will answer all the coachee's questions
  • that the coach will give them a bag full of tips and tricks

A coach does not have a magic stick to solve or make disappear all the problems, difficulties or questions in this world.

What is coaching?

A one-to-one professional relationship based on equality. The focus of the conversations is entirely on the coachee and the topics he/she wishes to address.

The ultimate founder of coaching in the way I use it is Socrates. Both Socrates and I start from the great belief that all the answers to the questions people ask themselves or struggle with are already present within themselves.

As a result, the art of coaching is primarily to get the other to discover his own value by asking out-of-the-box questions. Some of these questions may be on the cutting edge and may cause a sense of discomfort or even a sense of exposure in the coachee.

Coaching always aims at some kind of change for the benefit of the coachee. It is precisely by asking those tough questions and even confronting them that the coachee can overcome his obstacles and resistances. The content of the conversation, that is, what it is actually technically about, is completely controlled by the coachee. 

The coach's role is to use typical coaching skills and attitude to lead the conversation so that the coachee leaves his familiar, well-trodden paths in order to arrive at new insights.

Where do we coach?

At the coach's office

Mechelsesteenweg 138
2640 Mortsel

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Sylvain Dupuisstraat 22/4
8300 Knokke

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How do we proceed?

Since coaching is only effective if the coachee is willing to make a long-term commitment to himself, we speak of a coaching process consisting of different sessions.</span

The first step in this coaching process is the intake meeting.  In this conversation, both parties get to know each other better and an initial exploration is made of the topics to be addressed.

The main part of the coaching process initially consists of about 7 to 10 coaching sessions of one and a half to two hours. In each of these sessions 1, 2 or sometimes 3 topics are addressed. To conclude the process, there will always be an evaluation interview that takes a closer look at the whole process and the evolution of the coachee. After this evaluation conversation, a decision will be made whether to conclude the program or to extend it with a new series of coaching sessions. For this new series new goals will be defined.

More information about coaching?