Keynote speaker

Wie kan geïnspireerd worden door mijn keynotes?

For organizations, companies or schools who want to invite a powerful, dynamic and persuasive speaker.
A speaker who challenges and also works with large groups as interactive as possible.

What are my keynotes about?

Interactive presentations with a high entertainment content. Here, themes are addressed that touch on the daily reality of the participants from a helicopter perspective.

All the topics offered are close to my heart. This allows me to present them in an inspired and convincing way.


    • How to manage millennials? 
    • The power of coaching.
    • Socrates in coaching.
    • Importance of values in this world.
    • Purpose.
    • The impact of beliefs/our guiding thoughts.
    • Making choices.

Where do they take place?

At your event, for your employees or during your teambuilding.

How to request a keynote?

Please feel free to contact me if you see me as an added value to your event. I am always willing to brainstorm with you both about the event as a whole and about my role as a speaker.

As a keynote speaker, I bring the content and the ideas to the table and discuss them with the audience.

More information about keynote speaking?